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Singles 2: Triple Trouble Reviews

website score publish date article quality 72% Nov 08 '05
GameAxis 6.3/10 Aug 29 '05
Thunderbolt 1/10 Mar 16 '06
Actiontrip 5.5/10 Jun 20 '05
IGN PC 7.5/10 Nov 08 '10
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"Singles 2 is a polished and entertaining game that can keep you occupied for a while, but it lacks additional depth to offer an alternative for The Sims 2, especially as the concept is just a stripped-down version. The relationships are expanded in interesting ways, for a more mature audience, but the novelty does not last long, and the game does not offer the originality and twists needed to capture your attention for a longer time."
"- From gameplay to visuals to music and imagination, Bit. Trip. Beat is inspired..."
"Sexual content in games is not something that is innately bad, but when it is done with this level of cynicsm and just plain boringness then it just makes me weep for the puke-brained mass of idiots we have obviously become to be thought deserving of such fare."