SimCity 5 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 5.8/10

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SimCity 5 Reviews

website score publish date
Computer and Video Games 6.8/10 Mar 14 '13
Games Radar /10 Mar 11 '13
GameSpot 5.0/10 Mar 07 '13
Strategy Informer 6.0/10 Dec 31 '69
Worthplaying 5.5/10 Apr 01 '13
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SimCity 5 Previews

website publish date
GameSpot Feb 29 '12 Aug 21 '12
Computer and Video Games Oct 25 '12
Computer and Video Games Jan 25 '13
Computer and Video Games Dec 16 '12
Games Radar Mar 28 '12
Games Radar Jun 07 '12
Games Radar Mar 28 '12
GameSpot Mar 28 '12
GameSpot Jun 05 '12
Worthplaying Jun 14 '12
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Games Radar on Apr 02 '12

"The new SimCity will feature a unique multiplayer system that can be both cooperative and competitive. First details on leaderboards, world resources, the global market, and how multiplayer makes..."

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Games Radar on Mar 16 '13

" Our SimCity review will hit later this week, but in the meantime..."

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GameSpot on Mar 02 '12

"The new entry will run on an all-new game engine called Glassbox and will feature multiplayer support, updatable buildings, and nonlinear road patterns."

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GameSpot on Mar 09 '13

"SimCity is both a fun city builder and a broken product, equal parts joy and misery. "

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"My first day at work and already people are demonstrating in front of the town hall. Being new to the town of Greenfork, the protesters will give me some leeway for not being fully up to speed but..."

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