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SimCity 4 Own / Want List

Username Comments
schmikes None
Dynamite None
Shocker None
Weatherlover Very fun and entertaining, can play for many hours at a time.
gdog2011 None
Twin_Master Still don't know what I am doing whenever I play this game.
mike_spread88 8/10
maddog1404 None
Maxi_m None
Coi Cki None
jbh None
Azn_Applecake None
harbin None
Machienzo Really difficult to get used to. Novices will definitely struggle with this.
kumozero None
Honor 9 out of 10
Chief of Staff None
The Big N None
MetalicDemon None
game mystro None
Diego392817 None
sllllotb None
unicornstars None
lxindustries None
Trey2345 None
LisNOTreal2401 None
TechnaDiva None
ayonyoiyo None
videogamefreak999 None
ihb4bgh4eva None
mwilliams None
bilby_roxs None
Abyss Raider None
Keera None
smb3master None