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Simcity 3000 Unlimited/World allows you to create and control your urban empire with New Landscape, Tree, and Building options, 100's of new buildings(Asian & European), 13 new scenarios to choose from, 4 New Disasters offer.

Hardware Requirements

  • Windows 95
  • Pentium 166MHz
  • 32MB of Ram
  • 2MB DirectX compatible video card
  • DirectX compatible sound card
  • 4X CD-ROM Drive
  • 450MB free hard drive space

    Editor's Note:

    Simcity 3000 Unlimited released as Simcity 3000 World outside of North America.

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    Not as good as SC 4; but still alot of fun. Has some better cheats though. SimCity3000Unlimited PC
    Annoying DRM. Is the same game with a couple new features, like an expansion pack, only it isn't. SimCity3000Unlimited PC

    This is my favorite version of Sim City. It's a hard thing to explain the fun I get...


    Really good game. As i mentioned the range of structures is great and is very...


    It's a very good game, but like I said in the SC2000SE article the game keeps getting...


    Much better game. The City looks even more real in this game. Still not enough...


    SimCity 3000, the next generation in city simulation, draws players into the cities...

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