Silent Hunter IV: Wolves of the Pacific Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.6/10

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Silent Hunter IV: Wolves of the Pacific Reviews

website score publish date
1UP 7.0/10 Apr 03 '07
Gamepyre 77/100 Apr 29 '07
Gamespot 8.3/10 Mar 26 '07
Gamespy 3/5 May 07 '07
IGN PC 8.8/10 Mar 21 '07
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Silent Hunter IV: Wolves of the Pacific Previews

website publish date
IGN PC Feb 01 '07
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1UP on Apr 04 '07

"Really good simulations have the ability to make you sweat, and while Wolves of the Pacific is still a patch or two away from realizing its full potential, the thrill of the hunt and the constant..."

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Gamespot on Mar 27 '07

"Silent Hunter 4 is an excellent simulation of World War II submarine warfare in the Pacific."

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Gamespy on May 08 '07

"There's a definite lack of polish and far too many bugs, even a couple of patches and a month after its release. On one hand, since hardcore sims are so few and far between, we should be thankful..."

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IGN PC on Feb 02 '07

"Overall our short experience with Silent Hunter IV left us looking for a longer experience. Hopefully we'll get the opportunity to sit down and have some alone time with the campaign to see exactly..."

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IGN PC on Mar 22 '07

"Wolves of the Pacific is a brilliant submarine simulation that manages that rarest of balancing acts: providing instant accessibility to the newbies out there while still managing to provide enough..."

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