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Average Review Score: 7.5/10

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Silent Hill 3 Reviews

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Computer and Video Games 72/100 Oct 25 '03
Actiontrip 65/100 Nov 21 '03
Gamer's Hell 8.0/10 Nov 17 '03
Gamespot 7.9/10 Dec 09 '03
Gamespy 3/5 Jan 16 '04
GameZone 8/10 Dec 18 '03
IGN PC 9.0/10 Dec 11 '03
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Actiontrip on Feb 25 '04

"Even though the slow opening may offset the thrill factor a bit, Silent Hill 3 does feature sporadic sequences that are scary, or at least give you a few cold chills."

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Gamer's Hell on Nov 18 '03

"...what’s really going on is something for you as a player to find out, in this fine addition to the series."

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Gamespy on Jan 16 '04

"The latest adventure in the world's worst vacation spot is scary fun, but some control issues and uneven puzzles make it less fun than its predecessors."

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GameZone on Feb 25 '04

"The gameplay in SH3 is what we’ve seen in past titles so gamers who have played the original installments should have no problems hopping right back in and scaring themselves to death."

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IGN PC on Dec 12 '03

"Really superstitious and/or ADD-afflicted types might want to steer clear for their own special reasons. Everybody else with a reasonably high-end gaming rig, the residents of Silent Hill welcome you."

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