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Silent Hill 2 Reviews

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Actiontrip 49/100 Dec 18 '02
Gamespot 6.2/10 Dec 03 '02
Gamespy 86/100 Jan 26 '03
IGN PC 8.4/10 Nov 05 '02
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Actiontrip on Dec 19 '02

" takes a special kind of gamer to finish this one on the PC. As for me, I'd rather watch a documentary on rare flesh-eating tropical diseases than play this one again. Sure, the game has its..."

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Gamespot on Dec 05 '02

"The problem with Silent Hill 2 is that it's all atmosphere and no real scares."

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IGN PC on Nov 06 '02

"With Silent Hill 2, Konami has delivered a deep, if confusing and somewhat tiresome adventure that's scary in a disturbing, eerie fashion."

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