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James Sunderland's life is shattered when his young wife Mary suffers a tragic death. Three years later, a mysterious letter arrives from Mary, beckoning him to return to their sanctuary of memories, the dark realm of SILENT HILL. Now James must go back to that special place to uncover the truth, unaware that the answers he seeks require the ultimate sacrifice. Check out the PC exclusive features below.


  • Adventure game of mystery and horror.

  • Learn more about the tragic death of your character's wife.

  • Very detailed graphics.

  • More puzzles than action.

  • For one player.

Hardware Requirements

Windows XP/ME/2000/98
700 MHz processor
DirectX 8.1 compliant 3D accelerator card w/32 MB VRAM
1.8 GB free disk space
DirectX 8.1 compliant sound card

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Lua and 6 others played Silent Hill 2
Lua and 16 others own Silent Hill 2
Feb 10, 12 12:50pm
Was the most scared any form of entertainment has ever made me. The static radio and shambling nurse demons...fantastic! SilentHill2 PC

In a recent interview, horror film producer Don Carmody (Silent Hill, Resident Evil: Apocolypse) mentioned the... posted Aug 13, 10 2:55am

Jan 08, 10 12:34am
I really like this game, I just need to find time to play it more SilentHill2 PS2

With all the violent games out there taking heat for allegedly influencing crazies to murder and do other weird... posted Oct 28, 09 7:50pm

Oct 24, 09 5:10am
I still don't quite understand the whole story ~_~" SilentHill2 PS2
Jul 24, 09 9:15pm
peed my pants SilentHill2 PS2
Jun 12, 09 3:06pm
Sheer brilliance. It doesn't get any scarier or edgier than this. SilentHill2 PS2
May 27, 09 1:14pm
Haven't played enough of yet to comment... SilentHill2 PS2
Mar 29, 09 9:55am
i beat the hell out of this game, it was awesome! SilentHill2 PS2
Feb 01, 09 8:27am
Amazing survival horror game with one of the best stories in a game ever. Made me cry at the end. SilentHill2 PS2
Jan 09, 09 2:11am
Collector's edition SilentHill2 PS2
Dec 03, 08 7:41am
BADASS SilentHill2 PS2
Miss Razz
Nov 30, 08 5:01am
added 34 new concept art
Sep 09, 08 10:58pm
2 Disk Set. SilentHill2 PS2
Miss Razz
Aug 16, 08 6:04pm
added 3 new screenshots
Miss Razz
Aug 16, 08 10:37am
added 20 new concept art
supreme kai
Jul 26, 07 4:14pm
added 4 new concept art
Feb 12, 07 1:55am
PYRAMID HEAD!!!! ^_^ SilentHill2 PS2
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