Sherwood dungeon is an MMORPG online game that lets you wield a weapon and battle various monsters. It has lots of worlds to explore and lots of players to meet. Sherwood dungeon also lets you explore the vast and seemingly endless dungeon. No one has made it to the bottom, and on each floor there are monsters to be killed. This game also lets you go PVP on other players. So get your sword, and defend your honor!

Game Play

With a wide variety of looks, weapons, and armor to choose from, slay the enemies that inhabit Sherwood, the Dungeon, and many other places. Perfect your fighting styles with pets, battle techniques, or even invite a few friends to aid you. The controls are relatively simple, so a newbie can easily become a famous berserker!


  • An intense story mission that takes you all over the Sherwood world.
  • An arena where players tese their skills in combat.
  • Use of talismans to dominate your enemy.
  • Abillity to join a clan and take part in raids.
  • Add friends and team up to take on bosses.
  • Snipe enemies from afar with a bow and arrow
  • The abillity to dance!

Hardware Info

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