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Also known as Sheep Raider, Ralph the Wolf from the Looney Tunes shorts (starring him and his arch-rival Sam the Sheep Dog) is looking for some sheep dinner tonight and it's up to you to help him out. Using a varied assortment of wacky Acme Laboratories equipment, steal sheep from under Sam the Sheep Dog's nose. Devise cunning plans that'll let Sam get away with sheep-snatching for once!


It's the age-old battle between Looney Tunes™ favorites Ralph Wolf™ and Sam Sheep-dog™! As the wolf, players use devious, mission-based tactics in order to pull the wool over Sam Sheep-dog's eyes and rustle his flock. Plenty of hilarious, inventive ACME™ gadgets are employed - rocket packs, umbrellas, catapults, sheep costumes, sheep perfume, and more - as Ralph Wolf devises ever-cleverer schemes to capture his prey. This game is a must for Looney Tunes fans of all ages and offers a unique, stealth-based challenge for PlayStation™ enthusiasts.

Challenged by Daffy Duck™, Ralph Wolf must match wits against Sam Sheep-dog to rustle up a herd of sheep from his flock. Before you can steal the wool out from under Sam Sheep-dog's eyes, you'll have to help Ralph cleverly maneuver through awesome cartoon environments while skillfully utilizing a unique bag of gadgets and tricks in order to capture his prey

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Also known as "Looney Tunes Sheep Raider".

Added on: August 27, 2001

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Aug 18, 10 9:13pm
Loved this game so much I ported it to my PSP. So much adventure and fun, a classic! LooneyTunesSheepDogNWolf PSX
Superfast Oz
Oct 28, 03 2:13pm
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7.9 / 10