Sheep tells the unlikely tale of alien sheep having abducted and implanted 4 sheep herders with their devious devices. You, as each of the 4 herders under alien control, must herd your sheep to the aliens through 16 thematic levels.


  • 26 levels of crazy puzzle gameplay, set in four unique worlds.
  • Normal Mode - Herd the sheep home and try not to lose any on the way.
  • Arrange Mode - Breed your sheepdog / sheep-pig so that they perform better and can herd more sheep.
  • You can also improve your herding in the Training Mode!
  • Choose from two sheepdogs, each with different herding characteristics.
  • Hidden subgames, play modes and characters - can you unlock them all?

Hardware Requirements

Pentium 200 MHz.
Windows 95, 98.
32 MB RAM.
4x CD-ROM.
4 MB video card.
Microsoft-compatible keyboard and mouse.
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again, boring. no storyline whatsoever... Sheep PC
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