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Shadow Vault is a Strategy RPG set during a violent time in Earth's alternate history. Battle the forces of the Contingent government through 20 different levels featuring over 30 unique characters and units or go against human opponents in 10 multiplayer levels over LAN or internet. Designed for both casual and hard-core strategy players, the games provides countless hours of strategic gameplay without the need of studying a huge manual, but still delivering lots of action and strategic possibilities


  • Stylish nuclear war ravaged environment, where buildings and structures can be destroyed or used for cover
  • Unique unit classes, each with its own special sets of abilities, such as medics, engineers, snipers, etc.
  • Units improve abilities and acquire new ones as they gain combat experience
  • Over 30 unique abilities and 40 different actions to enhance and update your units
  • Hours of strategic gameplay through 20 game levels
  • 30 units and characters to choose from or battle against
  • Epic story and dynamic storyline that immerses the player into the game
  • High level Artificial Intelligence that reacts to as player's strategy
  • Intuitive game rules and interface placing emphasis on the strategical experience rather than a steep learning curv
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