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Marcellus Faust awakes in an abandoned amusement park called Dreamland and is asked to arbitrate the cases of seven human souls Mephistopheles and "the boss" are arguing over. As Faust, you'll progress through seven levels of puzzle-based gameplay, each level based loosely on the seven deadly sins.


  • 7 Episodes - hours and hours of gameplay
  • Terror, fantasy, humor and passion set in a rich graphical atmosphere.
  • An immersive game of adventure and investigation, with stunning visual imagery.
  • An engrossing storyline enhanced by 3D modeled characters and detailed animation.
  • Built-in clue engine and intuitive interface
  • A soundtrack of Universal hits including: Marvin Gaye, Billie Holiday, Stan Getz & John Lee Hooker

Hardware Requirements

Windows 98/95
Pentium 200 MMX
12X CD-ROM Drive
290 MB Hard Disk Space
16Bit Color
DirectX Compatible Sound & Video Cards
Note: 7 Games of the Soul will not run on non-MMX computers such as the Pentium Pro.

Editor's Note:

The characters are based on those found in Goethe's alchemical drama Faust. In Europe, this game was known as Faust: The Seven Games of the Soul.

Added on: January 17, 2001

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