Explore a 3D online world lived in and built by its participants - a new medium for creative self-expression, social interaction, and fun, where you can be or do almost anything. Whatever your goals, whatever you choose to do, your Second Life starts now.


  • Explore a boundless world of surprise and adventure.
  • Create anything you can imagine
  • Connect with new and exciting people
  • Compete for fame, fortune, or victory
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    Hardware Requirements

    Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce 2 (32MB RAM) or higher, or ATI Radeon 8500 (32MB RAM) or higher
    Computer: 800MHZ or higher, 256MB RAM or more
    OS: Windows XP/2000
    Internet Connection: Broadband (DSL/Cable Modem/LAN)
    DirectX 8 or 9

    Official URL

    Official Site
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