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Average Review Score: 8.0/10

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Sea Dogs Reviews

website score publish date
Actiontrip 91% Dec 19 '00
Adrenaline Vault 3.5/5 Dec 26 '00
Computer Games Online 3.5/5 Dec 07 '00
FiringSquad 75% Jan 13 '01
GameCenter 6/10 Dec 21 '00
Gamepen 5/5 Dec 18 '00
Gamespot 7.9/10 Dec 11 '00
Gamespy 77/100 Dec 29 '00
IGN PC 8.5/10 Nov 30 '00
MonkeyReview 4/5 Jun 19 '02
MPOG 4.5/5 Jan 02 '01
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Sea Dogs Previews

website publish date
Actiontrip Nov 08 '00
RPG Dot Jul 04 '00
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Actiontrip on Nov 08 '00

"...the story is open-ended... Most of the action (at least 50%) will take place on sea... All the battles are real-time... altogether 21 ship types divided into 7 classes... Ship models also look..."

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Actiontrip on Dec 20 '00

"Sea Dogs is addictive as hell, it's perfectly balanced (just like Pirates was), and it adds more than just flashy graphics..."

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Gamespot on Dec 12 '00

"Sea Dogs turns out to be more than the sum of its parts, and its effective combination of three genres makes for an adventure that can be enthralling despite its ..."

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IGN PC on Dec 01 '00

"...character development becomes an even more fascinating process... the amount of detail invested in the waterway encounters will astound you... In a way, Akella bit off more than it could chew..."

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RPG Dot on Jul 04 '00

"The RPG element comes from being able to pick and choose the kind of ship, officers, and crew you want to use. If you're going to try to make a living as a trader, then your approach may be very..."

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