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In the year 2083 science teams sent to the deserted planet Argilus mysteriously vanish. Now, as part of a supply ship crew tasked with checking the bases, you must land on Argilus after a ship malfunction. There your adventure to uncover the mystery behind the planet and the disappearance of it inhabitants shall begin. Australian sci-fi author Ted Dowling contributes to the story writing.


  • A thrilling first person, 3D adventure game, which will appeal to everyone from the novice to the experienced gamer.
  • A compelling nonviolent storyline with nonlinear gameplay.
  • Incredible Myst style graphics.
  • A mix of puzzles - mechanical, logical, sound an inventory based.
  • The V-Cruise Engine allows for an immersive experience and ultra-smooth, fast and effective navigation, and provides full 360 degree panoramic background animations.
  • DVD version has stellar graphic quality and extra puzzles, and for the same price.

Hardware Requirements

Windows 95 /98 / ME / XP
Pentium II 300 MHz
32 MB of RAM
200 MB Free hard disk space
12X CD-ROM Drive or faster
DirectX compatible Video and Sound Card

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