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Satellite Reign is the spiritual successor to Syndicate and Syndicate Wars, set in an open world cyberpunk city.

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Real-time tactical combat: Players control a squad of four agents, each with distinct and unique abilities as they battle for control of a futuristic city. Hack into enemy facilities to manipulate their infrastructure without them ever knowing you were even there.


The lead designer of Syndicate Wars

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If you're hankering for a real-time, class-based strategy game with tactical combat set in a... posted Jul 29, 13 3:50pm

The spiritual successor of Syndicate has been funded with 4 days to go on Kickstarter! Now on to the stretch goals! http://bit.ly/11RNh19 SatelliteReign PC
The spiritual successor to Syndicate Wars is about 75% funded with 10 days to go on Kickstarter! http://bit.ly/11RNh19 SatelliteReign PC
The Syndicate Spiritual Successor is 60% funded on Kickstarter: http://bit.ly/11RNh19 SatelliteReign PC
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