: : : : : Sam & Max Season 2 Episode 5: What's New, Beelzebub?


Judgment day is at hand, and it's time for a showdown with the guy downstairs to bargain for Bosco's soul. But in the corporate wasteland known as Hell, not even the Freelance Police are safe from eternal damnation. Can Sam & Max fight free from Satan's grasp, or have they reached the end of the line? This game is the last episode of the Season 2 of the adventures of Sam and Max.


You play as Sam in this adventure game. You can interact with your environment with your mouse, talk to others characters, pick up objects and use them for solving puzzles.


  • Season 2 Finale
  • Play as Sam in order to find a way to save Bosco's soul
  • Meet Satan in this episode and find a way to be free from his grasps!

Hardware Requirements

    <li type="square">Windows XP or Vista <li type="square">1.5GHz processor <li type="square">256MB RAM <li type="square">32MB 3D-accelerated video card

Official URL

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