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Average Review Score: 7.4/10

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Safecracker Reviews

website score publish date
Adventure Classic Gaming 4/5 Aug 06 '06
Adventure Gamers 4/5 Aug 23 '06
Fragland 66% Oct 12 '06
Game Boomers B Sep 27 '06
Game Chronicles Magazine 7.5/10 Sep 10 '06
Game Watcher 5.8/10 Jun 15 '07  --- Jun 24 '07
Just Adventure + A Aug 23 '06
Quandary Computer Game 4/5 Aug 27 '06
Worthplaying 7.5/10 Aug 27 '06
Gamespot 6.5/10 Aug 23 '06
IGN PC 6.9/10 Aug 30 '06
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Safecracker Previews

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Gamespot May 15 '06
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Adventure Classic Gaming on May 27 '08

"Overall, Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure is a game title that plays true to its name as a puzzle adventure. It succeeds in satisfying the appetite of gamers who yearn for logic problem..."

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Adventure Gamers on May 27 '08

"A must-have for puzzle fans and definitely worth a look for anyone who values an intellectual challenge."

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Game Chronicles Magazine on May 27 '08

"Safecracker combines unique puzzles or logic games with simple and easy to figure out rules for those puzzles that are part of the fun in conquering them. Rules or objectives for each puzzle is..."

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Game Watcher on May 29 '08

"If you enjoy your puzzle games and like to work your brain on challenges ranging from simple to break-the-desk frustrating, then Safecracker might just be for you."

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IGN PC on Aug 31 '06

"For adventure fans who love puzzles, or anyone looking to prick their brain in new ways, Safecracker is a good choice. It's a short game, it took us around six hours to beat, but it manages to..."

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