Choose from Pyro, the God of Fire; Charnel, the God of Death; Stratos, the God of Air; James, the God of Earth, and Persephone, the Goddess of Life and embark on your quest to defeat the other gods in Full 3D RTS action.

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Personal favourite digital distribution site Good Old Games (GOG) is currently hosting two lovely holiday... posted Dec 21, 09 6:28pm

A mass rock-paper-scissors game at it's core but good fun. Sacrifice PC

It's a shame they didn't use Tim Curry to his full potential, he certainly has the...


Its a fun, and wonderfull looking game, but I would only suggest getting it if you...


Most games will have an easy selection, then if you want something harder you check...


I'll just tell about the only flaw... if you have a "slow" computer, below 600mhz,...


Amazing graphics, gameplay, plot, storyline, everything. Basically this game just...


Hmmm . . . It Is GOOD


greatest game ever made


I tested Sacrifice for about 4 weeks and I cann tell you it really is damn good fun....

Shiny Entertainment has announced the completion of their 3D RTS, Sacrifice. Billed as having "strong RPG... posted Oct 28, 00 11:43pm

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