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Sacred 3 features classic arcade Hack ‘n’ Slash action centered around drop in/drop out cooperative multiplayer for both offline (2 players) and online (4 players) play. The game brings back favorite characters such as the Seraphim, Ancarian, Khukuri and the Safiri, and introduces the aforementioned new character, Malakhim. Each character class features its own unique skills and weapons that can be upgraded to match the player’s very own combat style. Master the art of war and fight through enemy hordes and try to outshine fellow companions on the way to become the greatest hero of all.


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Aug 01, 14 9:58am
Seems like the game is a watered down pile of poop. Developers set embargo date for press then release the game early. Shame really. Sacred3 PC

A bit of good news and a bit of bad news for those looking forward to Sacred 3 today. The good... posted May 27, 14 12:35pm

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May 27, 14 9:53am
Trailer plug Aug 5th release date Sacred3 PC

While it's unfortunate that it isn't Ascaron continuing to take the Sacred brand in to the... posted Mar 19, 14 9:25pm

The very first screenshots for Keen Games' action RPG Sacred 3 are out (see them below), and are both vibrant and... posted Nov 20, 12 7:55am

The next installment in the lovely action RPG series Sacred -- Sacred 3 -- was announced way back in 2010, with... posted Aug 08, 12 7:11am

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