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Built up from the RM2K model, RPG Maker 2003 allows the user to create their own RPG!
This game features a database filled with pre-designed backgrounds, characters, music and much more.

Hardware Requirements

-O.S.: Microsoft(R) Windows(R)95/98/98Se/Me/2000/Xp Japanese Edition
-*C.P.U.: MMX Pentium(R)200MHz or higher, Pentium(R)II 450MHz or higher
-**Direct X: DirectX version 8.1
-Screen: Screen Resolution of 800x600 or above
-Sound: SoundBlaster-compatible sound card capible of loading PCM sound
-Memory/RAM: 32MB (64MB recommended)
-***Hard Drive: At least 50MB
-CD-ROM: 2x Speed

*: The editor and/or game may slow down if there are many events on the map.
**: For Windows 95, use DirectX version 8.0a instead.
***: This is only the space required for the minimum installation. More space is necessary if you wish to install the sample games and save your own game data.
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May 05, 04 9:55am

- Able to create almost anything you want for your game.

- Able to edit, create and...

Dark Bahamut
Apr 22, 04 6:01pm
Dark Bahamut
Apr 22, 04 9:47am

A truly great gaming program that excels in nearly all categories. Only real problems...

Jun 08, 03 4:20am
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Key zer
Jun 07, 03 9:33am

Despite this being on the internet available for download, RM2K3 is amazing. ASCII...

Key zer
Jun 07, 03 9:23am
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Key zer
Apr 30, 03 11:27am
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Mar 14, 03 12:27pm

RPG Maker 2003 offers more options, mainly in the Battle System and less in event...

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