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Rob Blanc, one year after his first mission, is now a well-known hero in the entire galaxy and along with his sidekick Paul Grenwald, the young man is travelling as a peacekeeper... But strange phenomenons begin to occur. It seems that a temporal portal has opened and that people can see their future self, bringing a certain confusion in the Universe. It's up to Rob and Paul to solve the mystery by finding a Remman time machine, dispersed at four places differents.... but before that, will Rob rid up of the Space Vermint in his vessel? Rob Blanc 3 is the final story in the Rob Blanc trilogy, made by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, with the AGS Engine.


The gameplay consists in point&click one. You have to select what you want to do, then, click on the object or the person you want to interact. You have 4 actions: "walk", "look", "talk" and "use/interact". You can pick up objects in order to combine them or to use them later. They're put in a inventory you can access when you want.

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Rob Blanc is your average guy who was chosen to save the universe from Armageddon....

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