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University student Fred Reynolds never expected his fiancée Anusha to be kidnapped in New Dehli by the Thugs: Kali worshippers bent on human sacrifices and overthrow of the Indian government. Now he must explore a foreign land to find her and stop the evil cult before it is too late. Road to India is an adventure game where looking for clues in a panoramic world and solving puzzles is the order of the day.


  • A fascinating game: Road to India is like an interactive adventure movie with more-or-less 20 hours of game-play
  • Easy to play : the game is fully playable
  • Astonishing graphics - 360œ 3D sightseeing: using a panoramic graphic engine, the player will be able to look around himself and will be in the scene instead of merely being in front of it
  • Indian environments faithfully reproduced to discover: New Delhi, the Taj Mahal, The Temple of Kali and the Darmesh's house
  • Two scenarios and two ways of achieving the same goal:
  • Dreams to solve puzzles in traditional India
  • Nights and days to lead investigations in a modern India by meeting more than 20 characters
  • 15 minutes of cinematics
  • Action-packed cut scenes

Hardware Requirements

Windows 95/98/2000/Me
Processor II 266Mhz
Video Card 3D 8 MB RAM compatible DirectX 8/Direct3D
400MB free hard disk
CD-ROM 16X drive
Sound Card compatible with DirectX


Processor II 350Mhz
Video Card 3D 16MB compatible DirectX 8/Direct 3D 128MB RAM

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