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Rise of Nations, carries the sweeping scope of epic historical turn-based strategy games, but gives the player the quick decision-making of real-time games such as Age of Empires. The game brings to life the entire sweep of human culture, from the late Stone Age to modern-day technology—not just in warfare, but in city building, trade, and diplomacy.

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Through some network of likely very complicated and very boring sales, Microsoft announced... posted May 30, 14 11:54am

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Let's face it: Rise of Nations isn't all that great. It was a quick pick up game for...


Actually i've reconsidered!there is one thing bad about the game!*gasp* three words...


This game utilizes strategic tools, other games haven't. Attrition and national...


In all this is a superb game that cannot be beat. It's the best PC game I ever had.

[quote]Gamers can emerge from their trenches and prepare for battle, as Microsoft Game Studios today announced that... posted May 20, 03 5:40pm

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