: : : : : Rise of the Dragon


Los Angeles, 2053. The Dragon is reigning.

He controls the streets with terror. He rules the underground with his sweet poison. And, by the way, this animal's got your girlfriend.

You're William 'Blade' Hunter, an ex-cop doing grungy private-eye work in a seedy city. Now, the mayor, who took your badge for not going by the book, wants you to throw out the book and terminate the Dragon.

As 'Blade,' you must conduct the most desperate investigation of your life. In five days, cover the entire city, challenge everyone - and trust no one.

Use any weapon you can lay your hands on and every dirty trick you know to outsmart a complex cast of characters and end the Dragon's vicious reign.
Jul 12, 02 9:06pm

Rise of the Dragon is not only my favorite adventure game, but my favorite game of all...

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8.3 / 10