A peaceful protest has gone wrong, and it's your job as Commander of a special Riot squad to restore the peace. With a wide range of non-lethal weapons, you'll need to strategically work out your masterplan to ensure there are no civilian casualties, or even within your own squad. With 16 Riots to work through, and all different types of Units to control, it's up to you to save the day.


  • Face off Rioters with your Riot Police, Heavy Riot Police, Mounted riot Police, Suppressors, Enforcers and the Tank mounted Water cannon!

  • Quiet out-of-control riots with your Batons, Rubber Bullets, Beanbag shotguns and the unmovable police wall!

  • 16 Fun filled riots to squash including, peace rallies, sporting events gone wild, anti sex riots and more.

  • Suppress, guard, arrest, gas and beat down rioters!

  • Face the looter, hooligan, protestor, the angry leader and the deadly militant!

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