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They may win one battle, but can they win the war?
Gamers are about to be pushed right to the limits as they make life and death decisions in the distant galaxy of the Outer Rim. Players take the responsibility of being Commander Max Adamski, an experienced leader of men, who finds himself in the middle of a violent galactic war. It's now the duty of the gamer to take control of the situation and survive as the deadly plot unfurls. Players confront exciting battles in a deadly combat zone at every turn in this gripping adventure. Survival is the only objective.


  • Exciting action for gripping, edgy journey
  • Players' decision-making is vital, leading to either glory or death
  • Unique game system in 3 real-time phases
  • Simple operation via intuitive user interface
  • 6 different races with special abilities
  • Powerful computer adversary with superb AI
  • More than 70 different battle-hardened units
  • Campaign with 28 absorbing missions
  • Multiplayer for up to 8 players across LAN or Internet

Hardware Requirements

Windows 95/98/2000/ME,
Pentium II 300 MHz,
64 MB RAM,
DirectX 8.0 compatible soundcard,
3D graphic card with 16 MB RAM,
400 MB free disk space,
8 - x CD - ROM
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