Reus is an unbelievable indie strategy game from a small studio named Abbey Games. Taking place on a small, 2D rotating planet with various biomes, Reus tasks players with controlling giant elementals with powers to make their respective biomes grow in different ways. As the player's influence spreads over the surface in different ways, the planet will react in different, dynamic ways.

Each elemental giant is associated with a different biome. There's the stone giant, the tree giant, a water giant and a swamp giant. They can interract with the world in small ways, including how the tree giant can plant berries and other plantlife in the plains. The rock elemental can build huge mountains. The water elemental can dig troughs in the earth for lakes to form. These areas, depending on their placement and size, can cause small settlements of humans to gather, or new elemental powers to become available.

The goal of each game, much like a match of Civilization, is to help grow and influence humanity and the world in specific ways so as to achieve goals set by the game. Early on the game sets simple challenges, but as the player proves they are capable, more complex challenges become accessible, as do greater powers with which to conquer these challenges.

Ultimately, Reus is a wonderful but small strategy title that mixes up the genre in a way that large-scale games are struggling to do in this modern era of games.

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