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The entire open-world is in danger.

THE PLAYER is out for a friendly frolic of CRIME CAPERS when suddenly ambushed by EVIL GOOD GUYS. They will stop at nothing to end his RAMPAGE OF DOOM threatening the citizens of Theftropolis City. Are YOU bad enough to defeat the EVIL GOOD GUYS?

RETRO CITY RAMPAGE lets you play as THE PLAYER. Take the wheel with five-finger discounts on over 30 vehicles and wield over 20 weapons that will make you say "WHOA"! Run down innocent pedestrians to hear the magnificent monophonic modulated sounds. Order a pint of "SOUR MILK" from the barkeep to make yourself sick and avoid taking responsibility for your actions. At some point, defeat the EVIL GOOD GUYS then relax and go do it, when you want an ICED TEA.

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Oh jeez, oh man, it's finally happening. Retro City Rampage now has an official release date, and it's so soon... posted Oct 05, 12 3:19pm

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