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Remember Me Reviews

website score publish date
Overclockers Club  --- Jun 26 '13
AtomicGamer 7/10 Jun 05 '13
Computer and Video Games 7/10
Gamespot 7/10 Jun 03 '13
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website publish date
Computer and Video Games Jan 12 '13
Games Radar Feb 14 '13
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AtomicGamer on Oct 01 '13

"Derivative gameplay nearly squanders Remember Me's amazing premise and world design."

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Gamespot on Jan 07 '15

"Remember Me never comes into its own, but it's an entertaining and attractive adventure all the same."

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Overclockers Club on Jun 26 '13

"If DONTNOD decides to make a follow-up game, whether it be a prequel or sequel, I hope they consider making it open-world, but my desire to explore more of Neo-Paris should be viewed as a positive,..."

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