Developed by Paris-based DONTNOD Entertainment, Remember Me is a third-person action adventure game that takes place in the not-so-far future, where memories have become a valuable commodity. Memory hunters have made a business of stealing and selling the memories of others, but when an elite hunter named Nilin finds herself scheduled for a memory wipe, she becomes the unexpected vigilante who must bring down a corrupt and flawed system.

Armed with more than just a mastery of martial combat, Nilin is also gifted with the rare ability to remix a target's memories. Using this skill set, she sets out to reclaim her lost memories from the Memorize mega-corporation, the entity responsible for the monopolization of memory trade. Using Memorize's memory manipulation tech, Sensen, Nilin can continue to improve her martial skills by learning new attacks, which players can actually manually assemble based on their preferred style of play. As such, players can create unique combos that focus on survivability or pure offense, based on preference or tactical effectiveness.

These combos can be further chained together thanks to the game's freeflow combat, allowing Nilin to effortlessly leap from one enemy to another, effectively making her a one-woman wrecking crew. When exploring Neo-Paris, her athleticism also lets her traverse the difficult urban terrain by way of parkour-inspired movement.

Throughout Remember Me, Nilin will utilize her hunter ability to dive into a target's memories and remix them, in order to repair or alter a key memory from someone's past. A scenario will play out, then the player can go back and forth through the memory to pick out important elements that Nilin can manipulate to alter the outcome of the memory.

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