: : : : : Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure


The game takes place on the planet Twinsun. Playing as a quetch called Twinsen you must go on a quest to seek out the goddess Sendell in order to stop the evil Doctor Funfrock and rescue Twinsens beloved girlfriend Zoe who is kidnapped for aiding you in an attempt to hide you from the evil clones created by the mad doctor.


Unlike most games this one requires you to work out puzzles by conversing with the worlds population in order to earn things to get around the world and reach the ultimate goal in your quest. There is an inventory that stocks objects including weapons like a magic ball which evolves through 4 levels of magic as you proceed through the game.


One mission with one long journey.

Mini-puzzles to be solved in exchanged for items that will help you pass through places on your journey.
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