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Average Review Score: 5.1/10

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Real War Reviews

website score publish date
Adrenaline Vault 2/5 Oct 26 '01
Game Revolution C+ Nov 03 '01
Gamespot 3.7/10 Oct 12 '01
Gamespy 54/100 Oct 13 '01
IGN PC 4.8/10 Oct 24 '01
Khabal Gaming 6.0/10 Oct 29 '01
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Real War Previews

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IGN PC Mar 06 '01
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Game Revolution on Nov 05 '01

"Conflict is a-brewin' and now is the time to take action. Based on an actual real-time war sim commissioned for the U.S. military, Real War sports some fun gameplay and an interesting interface...."

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Gamespot on Oct 17 '01

"Real War is a throwback to the days of those horrible real-time strategy clones that followed the success of Westwood's Command & Conquer series."

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IGN PC on Mar 07 '01

"...the game looks really good at this point... the menus are designed to address a basic problem with RTS games – namely that you can’t select units that are off screen... will also incorporate..."

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IGN PC on Oct 26 '01

"This game is bad. In almost every way this game is bad. I'd love to say that it's not true, but it is. I'll say it once again to get my point clearly across. This game is one of the worst RTSs I've..."

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