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Guide Rayman in his mission to free his people from enslavement by space pirates. There are 45 levels for Rayman to explore, hop, climb, run and glide through. Encountering multi-use objects and obstacles in his path, Rayman must devise methods of securing the freedom of his world.


  • Help Rayman defeat the deep-space Robo-Pirates that have enslaved his world
  • Based on the Rayman series
  • 3-D platform adventure game
  • Distinct animated look

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Jul 08, 11 1:05am
added a cheat
Aug 10, 10 11:35am
Haven't got that far yet, but so far its good. Rayman2TheGreatEscape PC
Jul 25, 10 11:21pm
It's pretty, has awesome music, and was really fun. I love it. Rayman2TheGreatEscape PC
Dec 28, 09 10:12pm
added 49 new concept art
Oct 06, 09 6:11am
in my opion, it is a good adventure game, hours of fun, and i would recomend it to u. 8/10 Rayman2TheGreatEscape PC
Rebellious Treecko
Jul 12, 09 3:02am
Like the PC and PS2 versions, but with slightly different music. I personally like the PC version music better. Rayman2TheGreatEscape PC
Stem Cell
Apr 19, 09 2:50pm
I believe this is the game that first brought me to Neoseeker, looking for cheat codes and hints. Rayman2TheGreatEscape PC
Feb 26, 09 10:07am
I love it! Rayman2TheGreatEscape PC
Dec 04, 08 3:26am
good Rayman2TheGreatEscape PC
Dec 04, 08 3:26am
good Rayman2TheGreatEscape PC
sonic 911
Nov 14, 08 7:12am
whats rayman doing on robot pirate island? Rayman2TheGreatEscape PC
sonic 911
Nov 14, 08 7:12am
go rayman go rayman its your birthday(I think) Rayman2TheGreatEscape PC
megaman en m
Jul 22, 08 3:49am
it was a cool game but i lost it! Rayman2TheGreatEscape PC
secret revealer
Oct 19, 07 5:56pm
added a cheat
Lucky Gamer
Sep 03, 04 7:39pm
An excellent game, Never going to sell. Rayman2TheGreatEscape PC
Sep 02, 04 10:13pm
None Rayman2TheGreatEscape PC
Jun 23, 04 9:04am
fun good and challenging Rayman2TheGreatEscape PC
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