Enter the challenging, mind-altering world of Rayman and, suddenly, reality seems far too tame. Free your mind as Rayman takes you on an arduous adventure through a complex realm of psychedelic landscapes, absurd characters, formidable opponents, and uncharted levels of dementia. You'll experience a heightened sense of visual awareness. You'll hear strange and beautiful sounds. Endless legions of bizarre creatures will be out to get you. One trip into Rayman's kaleidoscopic domain... and you'll be addicted.

Game Play

Rayman is 2D platforming at its finest! Classic side-scrolling gameplay partnered up with intense boss battles makes for an enjoyable platforming experience.


  • Incredible intense visuals
  • Up to 70 surrealistic levels
  • Over 50 demented characters
  • Challenging, mind-expanding platform game
  • Exhilarating CD-quality sound effects and music

Hardware Info

Minimum system requirements:

IBM PC or 100% compatible computer, 486 33 MHz, 4MB RAM, Windows 3.1/95, double-speed CD-ROM or faster, DOS version 5.0 or better, 8-bit sound card, 256 Color VGA or SVGA, Keyboard or joypad.
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An underrated game, in my opinion. Beautiful graphics, nice music, and it's freaking hard. And that's why I love it. Did alllll of it... Rayman PSX
a good playable version from rayman the great escape Rayman PSX
I hate this game, but i have had it for ages. Rayman PSX
Why the hell did i buy this Rayman PSX
Just a Rayman 1 remade Rayman PSX
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7.4 / 10