Raven's Cry is Reality Pump Studios' follow-up to their Two Worlds series, a franchise focused on fantasy action in an open world. In two worlds, however, the action will be focused entirely on the high seas and piracy. Set in the 17th century Caribbean, rather than high fantasy Reality Pump will instead be taking a realistic approach to the game, perhaps inspired by the Assassin's Creed franchise's success.

Aptly named, Raven's Cry is about a man named Christopher Raven. After his ship was taken by pirates as he came to the New World as a young boy, Raven grew up in less-than-moral places thinking of only one thing -- revenge. He'll find and kill the scalliwags that killed his parents and he'll probably find as many collectibles as possible while doing it.

As an open-world RPG, Raven's Cry will feature a main, linear story campaign, but will otherwise set players loose on the high seas to find their own path. There'll be a morality system, fear and notoriety systems, and plenty of side-quests and treasure to discover as well. Naval battles will also be included, because what piracy game would do without them?

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