Squad Leader Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 4.5/10

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Squad Leader Reviews

website score publish date
Gamer's Hell 8.0/10 Nov 02 '00
Adrenaline Vault 1.5/5 Nov 29 '00
Computer Games Online 2/5 Nov 14 '00
Electric Playground 5/10 Dec 04 '00
Game Power Australia 2/5 Nov 16 '00
GameCenter 4/10 Nov 02 '00
GamerWeb PC 2/10 Dec 11 '00
Gamesfirst 2/5 Nov 27 '00
GameSpot 3.8/10 Nov 01 '00
Gamespy 68/100 Nov 16 '00
IGN PC 5.0/10 Nov 07 '00
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Squad Leader Previews

website publish date
GameCenter Sep 29 '00
IGN PC May 14 '00
SharkyExtreme Jun 21 '00
SharkyExtreme Sep 21 '00
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Adrenaline Vault on Dec 01 '00

"...convoluted and visually shoddy engine... unnecessarily frustrating and complex interface... fails to present anything that manages to be even remotely entertaining... Enemy soldiers within Squad..."

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Game Power Australia on Nov 17 '00

"...the game engine is looking a little ragged around the edges... there are some standout mission maps in this title..."

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GameCenter on Sep 30 '00

"So, apart from the name, Squad Leader bears only a passing resemblance to the board game. Does that mean it should be dismissed out of hand? Not by a long shot, because the game attempts to remain..."

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GameCenter on Nov 03 '00

"...saddled with decidedly drab and boring graphics... The map area is too small and the line of sight is poorly implemented... Missing completely is any sort of multiplay..."

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GamerWeb PC on Jul 12 '02

"This game goes where so many better games have gone before. Games with better graphics, sound, physics models and combat systems."

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