Lead the elite anti-terrorist organization RAINBOW team into life or death real world settings across the globe where you plan your attack then carry it out. When you die the game isn't over. The world is.


    <li type=square">An exciting combination of: - Intense Strategy - Realistic 3D graphics - Authentic Special Forces action.
    <li type=square">The ultimate goal is to save yourself, your team and the world from deadly terrorists.
    <li type=square">Penetrate and protect world famous landmarks, including the Taj Mahal, The Forbidden City, Big Ben and the US Capitol building.
    <li type=square">Assemble your team from a pool of specialists.
    Select from authentic gear and weapons.
    <li type=square">Plan your attack using a blueprint map and 3D view.

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I LOVE THIS GAME.but i cant get pass the 12 lvl.where i need to download info from the computer.but cant get pass the G. HELP ME RainbowSix PC
Not bad for a shooter. Commanding your other dudes and switching between them is a good feature. RainbowSix PC
one of the early 3-D games. if you look at it now it is almost simple but back then this was good stuff. RainbowSix PC
oops, I got it on PSX actually... RainbowSix PC

This game is part of a series called Rainbow 6. You are part of a team to neutralize...

An awesome innovative game. The one flaw: Confusing Controls >_< You can get used to it, though. ;) RainbowSix PC

The first in this great series of explosive action and real-life strategy, Rainbow Six...


This game is a classic. The graphics for its time were great, if you look at some of...


This is a great game and you should bu it. Wonder why these kind of games weren't made...


Rainhbow six is awsome. the graphics are little slopy but gameplay is awsome
Here 5...


BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like the way they let you choose your uniforms, agents, and weapons because it gives...

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