The game is set after a comet destroys civilization, and you find yourself aiding settlements and villages in their battle against an oppressive regime.

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Last August, John Carmack confirmed Doom 4 was in development, but didn't divulge any details beyond that. He... posted Apr 04, 13 5:53pm

At some point today, the RAGE tool kit will be released to Steam for your user-content creating pleasure. The... posted Feb 08, 13 12:26pm

id's RAGE was release in October 2011. Yeah, this game is over a year old and while it's still one of the best... posted Dec 14, 12 3:08pm

An evidently frustrated John Carmack has said that modding tools for RAGE is still forthcoming. They were due to... posted Oct 25, 12 1:36am

Finished the game in 6 hours. To be honest, I expected it to be longer based on the storyline. Quite disappointing! RAGE PC

[image1 width=650 height=360] Bethesda has said the publisher still intends for id Software's RAGE to... posted Jun 08, 12 9:44am

Buggy races ftw! RAGE PC
its the love affair of quake and doom and the cousain of fallout RAGE PC

Awful, blurry textures have been one of the more significant issues in the PC version of RAGE (see below), but at... posted Nov 15, 11 11:18am

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=329] Update: the patch is now live on Steam. It adds the options noted... posted Oct 07, 11 11:15am

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=280] As noted in our PC review of RAGE earlier today, the game is not up to... posted Oct 05, 11 5:46pm

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