Rabid Dogs 2 is strategy game with a twisted story about crime, sex and money. The player takes the role of a 'bad guy' leading his or her life killing, robbing, kidnapping and other dubious activities. The hero and main actor of the game will be joined by dozens of hired guns, mercenaries and hit men throughout the game.

Moreover, Rabid Dogs 2 introduces wicked and black humour - similar to that found in today's crime and road movies, also inspired by Quentin Tarantino's work.

Rabid Dogs 2 is a game of quotes. The story line makes allusions to the most famous - as well as infamous - people, events and situations in real life and fictional work like movies and literature. There are references to front-page politicians and celebrities, characters from well known films, games and books in Rabid Dogs 2… and generally to modern pop-culture. The game reflects today's reality in a mirror of black and gallows humor, where Good is Bad, and Bad is even Worse.

Nobody and nothing is spared - this is the maxim of Rabid Dogs 2.


  • Exciting tactical combat
  • Excellent pre-rendered graphics and special effects
  • Surprising and remarkable storyline in black, gallows humor

  • Outstanding gallery of mercenaries

  • Emphasized character psychology and traits
  • Large variety of weapons
  • Moving vehicles with possibility of use.
  • Enhanced Artificial Intelligence

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