Quake 4 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.5/10

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Quake 4 Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Game Chronicles Magazine 9.7/10 Oct 22 '05
GameDaily 8/10 Nov 03 '05
Gamer Within 9.2/10 Oct 22 '05
Gamer's Hell 8.2/10 Dec 03 '05
Thunderbolt 9/10 Oct 25 '05
Actiontrip 81% Oct 25 '05
Adrenaline Vault Quake 4 Picture
Game Over 80% Nov 11 '05
GamePro 13.5/15 Oct 18 '05
GameSpot 8.0/10 Oct 18 '05
Gamespy 4/5 Oct 22 '05
IGN PC 8.2/10 Oct 13 '05
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Quake 4 Previews

website publish date article rating
www.gamers.com Jun 27 '05
GameDaily Aug 16 '05
GameShark.com Aug 30 '05
GameZone May 19 '05
IGN PC Apr 29 '05
Worthplaying May 27 '05
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Gamer Within on

"The game has that particular ‘something' that unquestionably makes it just a really fun game to play."

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GameSpot on

"The single-player is great fun, but the uninspired multiplayer leaves a lot to be desired."

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Gamespy on

"The classic franchise returns, and as usual, it's Quake's multiplayer that saves the day and will keep it on your hard drive for months to come."

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"...while the SP production values are certainly expensive-looking and sounding, the actual combat mechanics feel a step behind the evolution of the genre, and not in an intentionally retro way. And..."

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Thunderbolt on

"Quake 4 is hampered by a few minor design flaws, mainly the enemy AI and some of the weapons, but overall the feel of the game is just right. Quake 4 should definitely be on your list for great FPS..."

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