Portal is a puzzle-solving game in first-person perspective. Its storyline is tied to Half-Life universe, with the introduction of Aperture Science, rival of Black Mesa, and owner of the Borealis, discovered in Half-Life 2 Episode 2 by Judith. You wake up in a test center but you don't see anybody although there are observations rooms. You'll be give the Portal Gun, which can create portals. Glados, the voice leading you from room to room, seems very interested in you. And she promised cake at the end...


Your goal is to find a way throughout the game for exiting each room without hurting you by using the Portal Gun, which can create two portals and help you to find a way if you can't advance. By using it, you can modify the way of an energy ball, make cubes going to impossible places or even make high and fast jumps by creating several portals when falling.

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First off, let me say that Portal is one of the best PC games that I’ve played. Portal is a...

We probably should have suspected something odd was going on when we heard Gabe Newell would be doing the DICE... posted Feb 06, 13 2:45pm

Fan-made stuff is always great to see, especially when it blows our minds with unforeseen levels of awesome.... posted Jan 22, 13 7:45pm

The Beta is now open for the Linix Beta to steam users operating on the Ubuntu operating system. For those... posted Dec 20, 12 1:32pm

I love how there's so many dubstep remixes on Youtube when there was only one song in he game! Portal PC
Sucks that the Cake is Gone... Portal PC
A great start to a great series! a mad AI that is bent on destroying you through test chambers with a great plot twist! Portal PC

Time for weekly blog post!

In today's post, we're going to discuss Choosing a Good Test Subject.

To choose a good test subject, they must have several traits.

• Lack of the following personality flaws
- Cowardice
- Impaired motor skills
- Poor judgement
- Fear of:
o heights
o weights
o depths
o bullets
o fire
• Lack of or extremely low tenacity
• Lack of any mental or physical disorders (unless for specialized testing)
• Lack of superpowers or mutations
• Between the age of 15 and 35 (this may vary for non-human species).

Test subjects under the prior requirements are good for a standard testing environment. These test subjects will not develop schizophrenic traits, nor will they leave the testing area or attempt to kill you. By following these requirements for a test subject, you can have a safe, successful, and scientific test.

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Great puzzles and an overall hilarious story! Portal PC
Great puzzles and hilarious! Portal PC

The cake is a lie. This now iconic phrase is one of the most well known in the world...

Aside from making and supporting quality games like Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead, Valve is notorious for their... posted Jan 04, 11 11:03pm

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