Prince of Persia 3d Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.5/10

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Prince of Persia 3d Reviews

website score publish date article quality
3D Game Force 7.5/10 Oct 17 '99
3dgaming  --- Sep 11 '99
Adrenaline Vault 2/5 Oct 28 '99
Computer Games Online 3/5 Sep 28 '99
Game Power Australia 3/4 Sep 27 '99
Game Revolution C - Oct 09 '99
GameCenter 3/10 Sep 30 '99
Gamepen 2/5 Oct 21 '99
GamersCentral  --- Oct 01 '99
GamesDomain  --- Oct 06 '99
GameSpot 6/10 Sep 18 '99
Gamespot UK 9.5/10 Oct 22 '99
Happy Puppy 8/10 Oct 05 '99
IGN PC 8.2/10 Sep 25 '99
MPOG 4/5 Oct 27 '99
PC Gameworld 3.5/5 Oct 21 '99
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Prince of Persia 3d Previews

website publish date article rating
3D Action Planet Sep 14 '99
3D Rage Aug 25 '99
Beta Bites Sep 13 '99
Beyond3D Sep 08 '99
Computer Games Online Sep 17 '99
GameCenter Aug 02 '99
Gamepen Aug 02 '99
Next Generation Online Sep 04 '99
PC Gamer Aug 03 '99
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Quoted from Prince of Persia 3d Reviews:
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"On the whole POP3D is a fun game but due to a bad camera, controls and a rather mixed theme that doesn’t quite hit home, I found it boring. If you can stand all the running around and pushing things style of play then I guess it’s for you, but the more action hungry will prefer a tasty dose of miss croft or even a gib soaked Heretic2."
"The offering has glitz covering up fundamental failings underneath. The box and the audiovisual gloss are really snazzy, but inside the controls, gameplay and bugs are quite disturbing. If I wanted a really fun arcade platform experience, I would probably turn to a title like Ubi Soft's forthcoming Rayman 2 instead; and if I wanted a really absorbing adventure experience, I would probably look toward a title like Infogrames' recently released Outcast. A huge potential here was sadly squandered."
"Prince Of Persia 3D is certainly a good game, but still in need of refinement in a few key technical areas. Just the same, this is a long, challenging, and involving journey. It's often frustrating due to the difficulty of some of the challenges and its flaws, but the solid, if familiar, story, likable hero, and interesting gameplay and level design will keep you involved."
"Gamecenter discusses the gameplay in detail, and the story, and the graphics as well."
" Prince of Persia 3D Rating: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 best -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By Tom Chick (9/30/99) The good: A few interesting levels, some satisfying puzzles. The bad: Frustrating gameplay, combat, and puzzles; unimpressive animation and graphics engine. The bottom line: The Prince of Persia goes awry in full 3D. Multiplayer: N/A Single player: Poor -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sigh. More cheesecake. A digitally perfect belly dancer writhes across the screen, dancing for our hero, the Prince of Persia. But wait. The prince is bored. The belly dancer gets his attention when she kills two guards. The prince is immediately thrown into prison. Why the belly dancer isn't implicated is beyond me, but apparently it is a crime for Persian royalty to see exotic dancers committing homicide."