• Raise one of 6 different ponies through a variety of interactions and care responsibilities
  • Varieties include: Dartmoor (brown w/ black hair), Chincoteague (white w/brown patches), Dales (black), Welsh Mountain (white), Connemara or Fell
  • Needs are expressed through 6 gauges: Hunger, Thirst, Fatigue, Cleanliness, Bladder and Confidence
  • Develop a stronger bond with the pony simply by keeping it well fed and watered, and it's stable clean
  • Purchase supplies at the local Pony shop, including: oats & hay, bottled water, brushes, shampoos, toys, and colorful accessories
  • Teach your pony several types of tricks, including: walk, trot, canter, salute, half- pirouette – all through a series of hand signals
  • Enter competitions to show your newly trained pony
  • 2 types of competitions: race & dressage (obedience)
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