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Planet of the Apes Reviews

website score publish date
Electric Playground 60% Oct 18 '01  --- Oct 15 '01
Gamespot 3.1/10 Oct 09 '01
Gamespot 3.1/10 Oct 09 '01
Gamitopia 40% Jan 09 '02
IGN PC 4.0/10 Oct 18 '01
Media & Games Online 4/10 Dec 05 '01
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Planet of the Apes Previews

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IGN PC May 15 '99
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"Planet of the Apes doesn’t aspire to be anything more than a generic action-adventure game. While it stays true to the roots of the classic novel and original films, the game lacks creativity,..."

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Gamespot on Jan 07 '15

"It fails at each of the three elements that can make this type of game enjoyable: exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving."

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IGN PC on Aug 16 '01

"Although it is an action game, Planet of the Apes will vary from most other third person titles because the gameplay emphasis will be on stealth and avoiding detection."

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IGN PC on Oct 19 '01

"Planet of the Apes is a sadly drab and at best mediocre experience that fails to deliver in virtually every single category."

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