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In the vein of the first movie in the classic sci-fi series, you are Ulysses, sole survivor of a space shuttle crash. You've become a prisoner on a planet ruled by humanoid monkeys. Plot your escape using stealth and physical combat techniques and discover the truth behind this bizarre turn of events.


  • Three modes of play
  • Classic characters
  • A great plot
  • Awesome graphics
  • Single-player action

Hardware Requirements

Pentium 300MHz
Windows 95/98/ME/2000
DirectX 8.0 or higher
64MB RAM; DirectX 8.0 compatible 8MB 3D accelerator video card with Direct3D support
16 bit (High Color) graphics
4x CD-ROM; mouse/keyboard
650MB hard drive space
DirectX 8.0 compatible 16-bit sound card

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Dec 19, 02 1:28am

this game is worth every penny and i mean every

if you want i fun easy game to play...

Nov 02, 01 10:29am

You can't go wrong with apes, you got to love them. This game may not be for hard...

Oct 10, 01 6:54am

Puzzles are interesting and keep you thinking. The fights are intense but not so bad...

Oct 07, 01 9:35pm

It's similiar to Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. Little bit choppiness, though...

Ubi Soft Entertainment, Fox Interactive and Visiware announced yesterday they have signed a worldwide accord to... posted Sep 07, 01 7:05pm

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