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Fry is a pirate that needs a licensee for exercing his job since the passing of a new rule in his guild. He has to take three tests: kill someone, steal something valuable and redeem himself. After passing with success a logic test, he's sent to Volcano Island in order to fulfill his triple objective... But the island is the territory of terrible headhunters... Will Fry remain a pirate or will he die so young? Pirate Fry is an idependent game made with the AGS engine.


It's the old-school adventure gameplay. You have to select the action you want to perform: "walk", "interact/use", "look" and "speak" then click on the object, person or the direction (according the action you want to do). You can also use objects picked and put in your inventory with your environment.

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Fry (I can't remember his name, Mose? Moons? Moose?) is a pirate who needs to get a...

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