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Requiem will tie up loose ends from previous installments and as Philip progresses he will encounter various characters from his past. Penumbra: Requiem delves deeper into the world of the Tuurngait infection and personalities from the previous two games, Overture and Black Plague. Long lost friends will return and aid Philip on his quest, but can they really be trusted? In the bizarre world of Penumbra: Requiem players will experience another psychological thrill on a level unheard of before Penumbra: Black Plague. This time telling what is real and what is not will be even harder and not always trusting your senses will be essential in order to survive.

Hardware Requirements

    <li type="square">Windows 2000/XP/Vista
    <li type="square">Processor 1Ghz
    <li type="square">256MB RAM
    <li type="square">Video Card Radeon 8500/GeForce 3 (GeForce4MX not supported)
    <li type="square">Penumbra Requiem requires Penumbra: Black Plague

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