High Impact Paintball Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 3.6/10

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High Impact Paintball Reviews

website score publish date
GameCenter 4/10 Sep 10 '00
GameOver.net 18% Aug 23 '00
GameSpot 3/5 Sep 08 '00
IGN PC 3.3/10 Sep 18 '00
ZDnet UK 3.0/10 Sep 07 '00
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High Impact Paintball Previews

website publish date
Adrenaline Vault Jul 07 '00
SharkyExtreme Jul 03 '00
XtremeNetwork Jun 19 '00
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Adrenaline Vault on Jul 07 '00

"...High Impact Paintball may not offer something truly groundbreaking that will spark gamer interest. "

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GameCenter on Sep 10 '00

"High Impact Paintball works on two levels: it's good for any real paintball fan, and it would serve as a nice introduction for younger gamers who want to play first-person shooters but aren't old..."

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GameOver.net on Aug 23 '00

"One of the few things High Impact Paintball does right is bring the pastime back to its roots, incorporating classic outdoor arenas with popular styles of play. "

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GameSpot on Sep 08 '00

"There's nothing wrong with giving paintball fans a computer version of their sport, nor is there anything wrong with creating a shooter that's devoid of ricocheting gibs and plumes of blood...."

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IGN PC on Sep 19 '00

"Choppy graphics kill the fluidity... Games continue indefinitely, ceasing only for a few seconds to announce your victory or loss before starting a new session..."

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